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Schedule 365 Days worth of Engaging Video Content using All-in-One Social Media Agency App and Auto post it on Top 5 Social Networks in under 5 Minutes!


Increases Engagement, Traffic, Leads
& Sales for you & your customers in minutes


$97 per month

Get Plannero for just $32 one-time payment


Schedule Years worth of Content

Put your content worries at bay and pick & schedule years worth of engaging video content in minutes and rake in traffic, engagement, leads and sales.


Post Content for Major Calendar Events

Be it a Super Bowl Sunday or Thanksgiving, we have got you covered with gorgeous templates for every occasion that can be customized as per your choice..


Post Generic Content

Huge collection of non-event based videos like motivational videos or quote videos that you can post any day of the week.


Post Engaging Content for Global Events

A huge collection of International Events like Women’s day, World Wildlife day or anything that is commemorated worldwide, we have it covered.


Create Fully Branded Videos

Just upload your logo and give in the brand details and your dashboard will be full of videos customized to your brand.


Manage Social Media for Multiple brands from 1 Dashboard

What’s the fun if you can only post content for 1 brand. Manage Multiple brands and connect their respective social networks all from a single Dashboard


Customize Videos with a powerful video editor

Want to add your touch to the videos? Play around with our point & click Timeline Editor and modify anything or even create videos from scratch


Create Landscape, Square or Portrait Videos

Social Media Videos come in different sizes and we have got you fully covered. Create Landscape, Square or Portrait Videos. All our Templates are available in all the sizes


Templates for 250+ Calendar Events & 20+ Countries

We have covered 250+ Major events from 20+ countries and tons of common events across the globe, so you will most likely find the content that you are looking for..


Directly Share Videos on Multiple Social Networks

Integrate your social media pages and post content directly from the app or even better schedule it in advance for a later date. You can integrate multiple accounts for different brands.


Download & Share Videos anywhere you want

Don’t want to post directly? Download 4K or Full HD Videos and use it anywhere


Included Agency & Commercial Rights

Use the app & the templates not just for your own Business but for your clients too and pay us nothing.


$97 per month

Get Plannero for just $32 one-time payment


EVERYDAY Social Media Content
SORTED with Plannero!


Plannero is the perfect tool specially if you are in the Agency Business helping clients with Social Media Management. 1 cool dashboard to cater to the content needs of multiple clients? That too without a recurring fee? Woah.. That’s CRAZY.. I’d recommend you to grab it with both your hands.

Abhi Dwivedi


We are in times that everyone knows that you need to be active on social media and keep posting relevant and engaging content. But.. Social Media is too Fast.. We cannot possibly keep up when you have a full time Business to take care of, employees to pay out. Social Media often takes the backseat. But the problem is Businesses should keep their Social Game up to grow their Business and Plannero is your perfect companion to do that.

A fresh month - Open up Plannero and schedule all the content you like and forget about it. It will do its job while you focus on your Business. It will just take minutes to set it up and you would be reaping all the benefits in no time.

Highly recommend Plannero to all Business owners as you will have 1 less thing to worry about!

Neil Napier


Fancy Video Softwares & Graphic Tools, didn’t get you the reach you aimed for on Social Media?



Karthik Ramani here and I am sure you know me for all the awesome tech products that I’ve created over the past decade that have solved various problems for you and your Business..

I have a passion for solving and providing real-life solutions to my customers that will improve their Business.

I happened to meet my customers in the events that happened in the US last year and one common thing that most people complained about was Success on Social Media..

They all talked about all the fancy tools they use and all the gorgeous content they create but still do not get the desired results..

Something is not adding up, right?

If you are doing all the things right, you are bound to get good results..

Once I came back from the US, I dived deep to identify where the problem was..

It's 2023 and the world revolves around Social Media and I could understand that my customers are well aware of how crucial it is for their Business to be present on Social Media..


Social Media is where....


In Spite of knowing how crucial it is for their Business, they have not been Successful and my research led to these reasons..


People break their head to come up with ideas to post


People spend a lot of time meddling with complex tools with a huge learning curve just to create content


They don’t have a posting schedule


Even if they have a schedule, they are not consistently posting and take breaks


They are too absorbed in the other aspects of their business and have no time for Social Media


They do not have the budget to hire someone to take care of your social media

I get it..

I am a Business owner too and I understand that Business does get in the way of Social Media..

But the Social Media Algorithm is ONLY in favor of those who are CONSISTENT and you would have seen it yourself multiple times..

It’s true that these social media algorithms keep changing but it has CONSISTENTLY favored those who were CONSISTENT!

I set out on a mission to help my customers and many others like my customers to solve this problem once and for all..


The Mantra for Social Media Success is
Staying Consistent!

Just creating Good Content won’t cut it anymore…

You have to consistently create Good Content to be Successful on Social Media..

Don’t take my word for it…

See what the experts have to say about it?

Neil Patel - Digital Marketing Expert says that,

"Consistency is key when it comes to social media marketing. You need to post regularly and engage with your audience to build trust and establish yourself as a reliable source of information."


Rebekah Radice - Social Media Strategist says that,

"Social media is not a one-time event. It’s a marathon that requires consistent posting, engagement, and measurement to achieve success."

I can go on and on about people who have time and again talked about the importance of posting consistently on social media.


Jay Baer, Social Media Expert & Author says thats,

“ The ONLY way to consistently grow on Social Media is to be Consistent in your efforts”

The Message from the Big Marketing Gurus is Post Consistently on Social Media & you will see success..


Chuck the Big Gurus.. I like Numbers..
Do we Really have to Post Consistently?

Let’s Dive in & Find out!

  • To get higher engagement rates one needs to post 1-2 times on Instagram every single day. (A study by sprout Social)
  • If you want to increase your reach and build a loyal following you need to post at least once per day on Twitter & Facebook and 1-3 Times on Instagram as per Hootsuite.
  • 63% of marketers believe that posting content on a regular basis is the most effective way to build a following on Social Media
  • Businesses that post 16 times or more per month on Facebook get 3.5 Times more engagement than those who post 5 or less times.
  • A study by TrackMaven found that brands that publish 10-20 Tweets per day get the most engagement on Twitter.

Take a look at these influencers who grew their
Social Media and personal brand
solely by posting content consistently..

+Add Element
+Add Element

No matter what happens, these people show up on their social media and continuously engage with their audience through stories, videos, reels, Tiktoks, posts, images and so on….

They all grew to Millions of Followers because they posted Content Consistently no matter what..

Creating & Posting Content Consistently is so Beneficial..
Why Isn’t Everyone Doing it then?

Because it is hard..

To show up everyday with content that engages your audience, gets you traffic, leads and sales is not easy..


That’s just the gist of what goes behind creating content on Social Media. Actually there are so many more steps involved.

To do this everyday, leaving behind the other aspects of Business is impossible. That’s why most people and Businesses do not post content consistently and we set out on a mission to solve this problem!


No one can Stop you from getting the Engagement, Traffic, Leads & Sales that you deserve..
.. If you are CONSISTENT

Don’t Worry..

We have solved the problem of Staying consistent on Social Media once and for all that too with the most important form of Content that everyone loves to engage with..

YES! You guessed it right..

With Videos!

We chose Videos because.. It is 2023 and everyone watches Video and it reaches Masses..

Just to give you a little bit of Stats there..


14.9% of Millennials watch 10-20 hours of Video per week


92% of Video Marketers have gotten a good ROI on their Videos


91% of consumers wants to see more Video Content from Brands


66% consumers feel that short form videos are the most engaging

We can go on and on about the importance of Videos in Marketing..

We chose videos and we figured a way for you to stay consistent with video content using our Brand New App Plannero.




The ONLY App you need,
to stay CONSISTENT on Social Media


Grab your Share from the steadily growing $17.5 Bn Social Media Management Market with Plannero

No Monthly Fees

Agency Rights included for a limited time


What difference will Plannero make in your
Social Media Marketing Journey?

With Plannero by your side, you don’t have to scratch your head everyday to create content..

You can create a year's worth of content in just a few minutes and forget about it while the app will take care of the rest!


Plan month’s or even year’s worth of content in advance


Get fully Branded Videos in a minute


Pre-made, high-quality customizable Video Templates for all Events & Festivals that you can pick and schedule in advance as per the country of your choice.


Create Videos in any orientation of your choice (Square, Landscape or Portrait)


Full blown point & click Video Editor to make any customization


Loads of Content Ideas and Templates for Non Event Days that can be quickly customized


Directly post on major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest by connecting your Social Pages or even download & use anywhere you want.


Manage multiple brands from a single dashboard

+Add Element

Full-blown Agency App that lets you handle clients fully hassle-free

+Add Element

The BEST Part is that Plannero is going to get you all
these benefits without any great efforts..


Brand Visibility


Better Engagement


Keep reminding your Audience about your existence


Kickstarts conversations with potential customers


Helps people learn about your products & services


Helps you stay consistent on Social Media


Builds your social following


Increases Trust & Credibility


Grow your leads


Get more sales


Get more referrals


Stay ahead of your competitors


Saves time & efforts


Saves Money otherwise spent on multiple tools


All it takes is 3 Simple Steps to up your
Social Media Game using Plannero

Step #1

Shortlist Videos of your Choice from Calendar Events or choose any video from Everyday Content Ideas.


Step #2

Customize the shortlisted videos, if needed, using the timeline editor


Step #3

Schedule your videos to go on multiple social networks from inside the app on your preferred date and time


How easy was that?

No more..

+Add Element

Brainstorming endless hours to come up with content ideas


Creating a Content Calendar manually


Creating every piece of content all by yourself

+Add Element
+Add Element

Use complex Video Apps to edit your videos


Login to multiple social media apps to schedule your content

+Add Element

No more of all that hard work..

Simply Pick - Shortlist - Schedule using Plannero

No Monthly Fees

Agency Rights included for a limited time


We have covered you with 250+ Gorgeous Hand-Crafted Templates covering major events across the Globe..

In Landscape, Portrait & Square Format..

We know that one-size doesn’t fit all Social Platforms and we want you to be covered..

That’s why we have created Templates for 250+ Events in 3 social media preferred sizes.

Square, Portrait and Landscape!

Just with a simple switch you can quickly change to any orientation and have our gorgeous Templates in any preferred format..

Take a look at some of our Templates..

We also have Content Ideas to post every single day of the year
Never worry what to post ever again...

Take a look at the same videos available in
3 Social Media Friendly Sizes.


I have a Social Media following on Instagram of 130K+ people. The Number 1 reason my presence grew is my content coupled with the fact that I posted consistently. The journey was Pretty hard and to create content everyday was not easy. But I committed to it and thankfully had a team to help me through the process. But most Businesses do not have that luxury and start off enthusiastically but fade out quickly when it comes to social media posting. I think Karthik has brilliantly addressed this problem.

One of the Top services offered by my mentees is Social Media Management services and I am going to recommend Plannero to every single one of them. With the built-in client management features, this is truly next level and is a must have tool specially if you are an Agency or a Freelancer selling Social Media Marketing Services.

Saurabh Bhatnagar


With Plannero you will have one less thing to worry about. In Business there are multiple things to take care of and it is practically impossible to keep track of all the things. I’ve seen Business owners compromise on their Social Media to devote more time to other aspects of Business.

But you don’t have to anymore..

Plannero completely offloads that task from you and takes full charge of your social media from content ideas to a calendar to even scheduling in advance. 5 Stars for the quality of Templates that I found inside the app. This is a winner! Grab it with both your hands while it is still available.

Ben Murray


Let’s quickly check out the Demo of Plannero
& See how easy it is to use Plannero to
Blow your Social Media

No Monthly Fees

Agency Rights included for a limited time


How to Tap into the soon to be
$51.8 Bn Market using Plannero?

Do you know the Top Selling Service in Agencies?

Do you know the No.1 Service that Businesses are looking for?

It is nothing but the Social Media Management Service which is at a whopping $17.5 Bn right now and with Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.2% it will become a $51.8 Bn market by 2027!

Businesses are struggling to keep up with Social Media and are always looking for help from Freelancers and Agencies.

80% of Business Executives are willing to spend additional resources on Social Media Marketing because it is proven to work..

With over 50% increase in Social Media Marketing Budget with major companies, there is a huge opportunity with Plannero..


Short Videos services


Content Calendar services


Social Media Planning


Social Media Posting


Social Media Strategy


Social Media Manager


Content Strategy


Content Marketing

+Add Element

Video Creation


Social Media Coordinator


Social Media Ads

+Add Element

And a whole host of other services..

Guess what?

You can provide all of these services and more using Plannero…

Plannero is going to give an unfair advantage to both
Business Owners and Agencies…

Here is why..

+Add Element

No need to have creative skills to create content everyday


No need to have technical skills to create engaging video content


No need to spend hours planning, editing and posting content

+Add Element

With Plannero you can create month’s worth of content in minutes and even manage multiple brands at once and post effortlessly on Top social media platforms all from within the app!

If you want to make similar profits or even more, make plannero yours right away!

We are talking about $500-$1000 per client per month..

Still wondering if it is True?

Take a look at these Fiverr listings…


If you want to make similar profits or even more, make plannero yours right away!

We are talking about $500-$1000 per client per month..

Take a look at how much money ordinary people are making similar kinds of services..

+Add Element

Justine Mae has earned $50K+ being a Social Media Strategist and content creator


David Z has made over $100K creating & Selling Videos..

+Add Element
+Add Element

Laurel A has made over $100K being a Social Media Co-ordinator
and a content creator


Amanda A has made over $40K creating Reels, TikToks and YouTube Shorts

+Add Element

If you want to make similar profits or even more, make plannero yours right away!

We are talking about $500-$1000 per client per month..

No Monthly Fees

Agency Rights included for a limited time


Let’s quickly go through the
highlight features of Plannero…

Organize Work Under Brands

Create brands and have full blown branded Content Calendars from where you can plan, customize and schedule content to go for respective brands.

The Templates will be Auto-branded using the logo, website address, tagline, contact info and other details that you provide and you can customize anything you want in the videos.


Create Content for Major Calendar Events

A huge collection of gorgeous Templates covering major calendar events across the globe. We have over 250+ Templates covering major events, festivals across countries.

Search for any event or get a view of all the events in a particular calendar month ready to go for the chosen country under the All Events section.

Be it Independence day, Halloween, Cinco De Mayo or any other festival or event, we have a gorgeous Done-For-You Template that is quickly customizable and posted.


Create Content for International Events

We have a vast collection of International Event Templates that are celebrated across countries like Women’s Day, Mother’s day and so on..

All you need to do is pick and schedule or you can even customize if you choose to..


Everyday Content Ideas

A huge collection of Everyday Content Ideas perfect for non-event days including motivational videos, quote videos and Fitness tips, Health tips, Finance tips that are perfect to go on any day.

Just pick and customize the one you like and schedule it on any day to harness engagement.

You will never run out of ideas for any day.


Customize Videos with a revolutionary easy to use Timeline Editor

You can customize any template with an easy to use editor. You will find all the layers of the chosen template and edit as per your choice by simply pointing & clicking on it.

You can add,
✅ Videos
✅ Images
✅ Text
✅ Audio
✅ Other Assets

You can add anything you want and easily adjust it in the timeline, based on when you want it to appear.


Millions of Searchable Image, Video and Audio Assets

Make your videos better with millions of searchable high quality video assets from Pixabay and millions of high-quality images from Pixabay and Pexels.

For audio, you can choose from our collection or even record your own.


Upload your own Media

You can even upload your own video, image or Audio and use it in your videos.


Customize Elements & Add Animation Effects

Just point & click on any element and you resize, change the alignment, opacity and Rotation. You can even add Animation effects like intro and outro animation effects to any elements on the video. For text, you can adjust the font size, font type, text color, background and a lot of other parameters.


Create Videos in Square, Landscape & Portrait Formats

We know that one size doesn’t fit all social media platforms. You will find all the templates in 3 popular social media sizes. You can create square videos (1:1) , landscape videos (16:9) and portrait videos (9:16)

You can easily swap between sizes by using the resize option on the editor


Create Videos From Scratch

Give life to your video ideas and even create your own videos from scratch. Click on create New post and start creating your video from scratch using the point & click timeline editor. You can create videos up to 1 minute in length which is perfect for Social Media Content & Ads.


Create a Video Shortlist

Quickly preview the videos in the all events page and add all the videos you like to the shortlist just like a wishlist. Later you can see all the videos you have shortlisted and customize them if needed before scheduling it to go live.


Schedule Videos to go live on Multiple Social Networks

You can integrate your social media pages for each brand separately and schedule your content to go live on these platforms at any time of your choice. You can post content directly on major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin & Twitter.

Schedule months or years worth of content in advance and even go on a vacation.

You can schedule a single video or even multiple videos at once and set custom time for each video.


Download & Share Videos anywhere

No problem if you do not want to post the videos directly on any social network. You can download the video in HD, FHD or even 4K and the video will be rendered and can be downloaded to your local system.


Storage & Integrations

You can store up to 1 GB of data inside the app. But you can connect your cloud storage drives like Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3 in the settings. You can also add in SMTP settings and customize email templates if needed under the settings tab.


Detailed Analytics

Plannero also provides you with detailed Analytics where you can see Total events, number of downloads, rendered videos and the storage used.

You can also check brand wise analytics for a given period of time that will show you the number of downloads and scheduled events making it easy to monitor each brand separately.


Included Commercial Rights

With Plannero create Videos not just for your own Business but use the templates and provide video and social media marketing services for other Businesses too.


Agency Rights

Just with the front end access, you will be able to create client accounts and assign them to their specific brand. Clients will have a separate login and will be able to create & schedule videos on their own too.


No Monthly Fees

Agency Rights included for a limited time


Here is your Game plan to start profiting using Plannero Let me give you simple ideas..

Profit Strategy 1

Forget offering any service to anyone. Use Plannero and plan content for all your social networks in minutes and stop paying any Agency or Freelancer for planning and creating your content.

This will easily save you $500-$1000 per month and you will start reaping the benefits of consistent social media posting from the first month itself.


Profit Strategy 2

Kick start your Social Media Marketing Agency which is popularly known these days as SMMA. Approach offline Businesses around you and show them the potential of blowing up on Social Media.

Spend a few minutes each month and set up their content calendar and schedule their videos to keep collecting Recurring payments. This is a multi billion dollar Business and is only going to keep increasing.


Profit Strategy 3

Position yourself as a Social Media Consultant. Show them where they are lacking in terms of their social media presence and upsell services that will turn their negatives into positives.

Offer consulting services to increase brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, generate traffic to websites and even to increase services. All these can be achieved using Plannero but instead of offering it as a direct service, position as a Subject Matter Expert and become a consultant.


Profit Strategy 4

You don’t have to offer all the services that come under Social Media Management. Pick services that you feel comfortable to offer. Become a freelancer and offer services like..

✅ Content Strategy
✅ Content Planning
✅ Content Creation
✅ Content Scheduling
✅ Overall Social Media Management & Performance Monitoring


Profit Strategy 5

Don’t want to manage all the tasks by yourself. Just provide a solution to your clients by setting them up with client access and assign their brand that they can manage themselves and keep collecting monthly recurring for using Plannero.


Profit Strategy 6

Offer Video services. Just sell short form video services that you can effortlessly create using plannero and the wholesome timeline editor. Download and sell videos for Tiktok , Instagram Reels or even YouTube Shorts on a per video basis.

There are so many other ways that can help you profit using Plannero and I am just scratching the surface here!


No Monthly Fees

Agency Rights included for a limited time


Why Plannero is Crucial for
Every Business in 2023

  • check_circleYear’s worth of content sorted in minutes
  • check_circleHelps Businesses stay consistent on Social Media
  • check_circleHelps Businesses improve engagement
  • check_circleBuilds Trust
  • check_circleGets more Traffic
  • check_circleGets more Leads
  • check_circleGets more Sales
  • check_circleRemoves the need for multiple tools
  • check_circleSaves a lot of time & efforts
  • check_circleMajor Social Platforms managed from one dashboard
  • check_circleMultiple brands can be managed from one Dashboard
  • check_circleAbility to collaborate with Team Members and run a Agency Business Effortlessly
  • check_circleClient Workflows to seamlessly manage projects

Who can use Plannero??

Anyone looking to up their Social Media game can use Plannero..

If you want to save time & efforts, yet produce the best quality content & stay relevant on Social Media, Plannero is a must-have..

With all the Agency Features Built into the App, it is perfect for managing multiple clients at one-time and most suitable for Freelancers and Agencies looking to sell Social Media Marketing management services!


Business Owners










Online Businesses


Real Estate Agents


Coaching classes


Gym Owners


Yoga Studios


Day care Centers




Clothing Stores


Jewellery Shops






Pubs & Bars




Pet care Services


Grocery Stores

And the list goes on..

With the ease of use built-in to the app, Plannero is perfectly suitable even for Newbies and requires no tech or video skills.


You’re probably thinking that
this is just another Video App..

NO it is not & here is why..

Plannero is definitely not just another Video App.

It is an end-to-end Social Media Marketing Management App and here is why..

Plannero does have a State of the Art Timeline Video Editor but it is definitely more than just a Video App..

If you already own a lot of video apps,it is fair that you have this doubt in your mind and let me address it by asking you a few questions..


I am guessing, it's just an editor that lets you create videos that too with a huge learning curve and you answered a big NO to all the above questions..

Plannero is made for Social Media more specifically short form videos which are in demand right now..

You can do end to end social media management using Plannero and offer a wide variety of services..

What are you waiting for?

No Monthly Fees

Agency Rights included for a limited time


Aren’t there any other
Social Media Marketing Apps like Plannero?

Of Course there are and we have filled all the gaps in these tools..

There are a wide variety of Social Media Scheduling Apps available in the market..

Plannero differentiates on the following points..

+Add Element

Other Apps..

1. Collects a huge monthly fees

2. Doesn’t have a huge content calendar with content ideas and calendar event templates

3. No Agency access in the Basic plan

4. Mostly allows only 1 brand and 1 set of social accounts with base plan

But Plannero..

1. One-time ONLY Payment

2. 250+ Event Templates with a Content Calendar and more Template ideas to post every day

3. Agency Access in the Front-end itself

4. Allows 5 Brands and 5 Social accounts with the front end itself

5. Allows to create and publish 365 videos per brand covering every single day of the year!

+Add Element

That’s just a few examples and these apps are charging you more per month than what Plannero is charging you for a One-time access!

My priority has always been to provide affordable solutions rather than to create complex unwanted or least used features just for the sake of it and charge a heavy monthly fee..

With Plannero, you have all the needed features to run a Social Media Management Agency or to take care of your own Social Media Content but at a much lower price and without all the restrictions that the other apps enforce.

No Monthly Fees

Agency Rights included for a limited time


I have to applaud Karthik for what he has done with Plannero. Most Agency Social Media Marketing Apps out there are unaffordable with huge monthly recurring and with a ton of Limitations. But Karthik is giving you an end-to-end content planning, creation and scheduling app for a ridiculously low one-time price.

I did a comparison myself with other apps out there and the value you get with Plannero for the price is definitely a Steal. I highly recommend Plannero for all my Agency Clients because Social Media Marketing Agency is going to Boom for the foreseeable future.

Chris Jenkins


As a Video Expert myself, I am at awe at the quality of Templates inside Plannero. Just login, select a month, pick templates, customize and schedule it in minutes using Plannero. I did play around with the Video Editor and it looks solid & perfectly beginner friendly.

If you are not an expert at video creation, this is going to be a game-changer because it gives you content ideas, Done-for-You Video Templates and you can even schedule it to go on multiple social networks at once. It checks all the boxes for me and I am going to recommend this app to all my students!

Reshu Singhal


You will never run out of ideas and
Templates with Plannero


Let me Remind you Again..
Social Media Management Market
is currently $17.5 Bn

Businesses have no choice but to be active on social media..


They need you because..

  • They have no time
  • They do not have the skills to come up with ideas
  • They do not have content creation or video editing skills
  • They cannot keep up with the ever changing social media trends
  • They cannot afford to lose Business via Social Media
  • They cannot survive in 2023 without a proper Social Media Content Strategy
  • They cannot afford full time resources to plan, monitor and strategize

You can be all of that for Businesses and with Plannero you can give them..

  • A proper Social Media Content Strategy
  • A Content Calendar
  • Gorgeous looking Videos
  • Take care of Posting on multiple networks
  • Analyze and provide feedback
  • Improve their Brand Presence
  • Increase their Engagement, Traffic, Leads and sales

Do not miss this opportunity…

Right now this is available for a super-low one-time price and the price will increase when the timer hits zero.

Go & press the buy button now to grab your copy of Plannero along with the launch special bonuses for a super low one-time price.


Limited Fast Action Bonuses

+Add Element

Bonus #1

+Add Element

Plannero Success Training (Value - $997)

A Special 3-week training to help you succeed using Plannero ONLY for the founding members. At Plannero we are committed to your success and we will leave no stone unturned to fetch you massive results. In this training we will hand hold you and help you up yours or your client’s Social Media Game.

+Add Element

Bonus #2

+Add Element

The Creator Economy (Value - $197)

Social Media is one of the smartest ways to make money online and this guide will help you build an audience and monetize your skills, passions and hobbies from Content Creation.

A perfect guide that will help you get started on your Content Creation Journey and lead you to the path of success especially coupled with Plannero.

+Add Element

Bonus #3

+Add Element

Social Media Marketing Made Easy (Value - $ 247)

Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming and people often spend time on the wrong things that don't get any results.

This guide is to help you increase your social media presence, create unique content, build a bigger audience and sell your products and services with ease.

Must-have guide to help you focus your energy on the right things and get the desired results.

+Add Element

Bonus #4

+Add Element

Boost your Online Sales (Value - $397)

The ultimate goal of any Business is to do more sales and increase the profits.

There are many different ways in which one can boost sales and this is a special guide in which you will learn 101 strategies to boost your online sales.

+Add Element

Bonus #5

+Add Element

Power of Social Media Stories for Marketers
(Value - $297)

Social Media Stories are at its peak and Videos make up for a major part of Social Stories. With Plannero you can also create story videos.

This special guide will help you create stories the right way using a proper strategy that will make people take action.


Total Value of Bonuses




  • check_circleCreate Social Calendar for 1 Brand
  • check_circleAuto create fully Branded Videos
  • check_circleDone-For-You Templates on 250+ Calendar events across the globe
  • check_circleDone-For-You Templates for International Events
  • check_circleHuge collection of Done-For-You Trending Videos for non-event days
  • check_circleCreate Videos upto 1 minute length
  • check_circleCreate Videos from scratch
  • check_circleCreate Landscape, Portrait & Square Videos
  • check_circleFull blown Timeline Video Editor
  • check_circleCustomize elements & Add Animation effects
  • check_circleMillions of searchable Image, Video & Audio Assets
  • check_circleUpload your own Media Library for Images, Videos and Audio
  • check_circlePreview Videos and add to a shortlist
  • check_circleSchedule Videos to be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter & Pinterest
  • check_circleSchedule single or multiple videos
  • check_circleDownload & Share Videos anywhere in HD, FHD or even in 4K
  • check_circle1 GB internal storage
  • check_circleSMTP Integrations & cloud storage integrations with Drop box, Amazon S3, Google Drive
  • check_circleCreate upto 365 Videos
  • check_circleOnly for Personal Use
  • Included Agency Rights to create up to 5 client accounts
  • Bonus 1 : Plannero Success Training
  • Bonus 2 : The Creator Economy
  • Bonus 3 : Social Media Marketing Made Easy
  • Bonus 4 : Boost your Online Sales
  • Bonus 5 : Power of Social Media Stories for Marketers
Plannero Personal


  • check_circleCreate Social Calendar for 5 Brands
  • check_circleAuto create fully Branded Videos
  • check_circleDone-For-You Templates on 250+ Calendar events across the globe
  • check_circleDone-For-You Templates for International Events
  • check_circleHuge collection of Done-For-You Trending Videos for non-event days
  • check_circleCreate Videos upto 1 minute length
  • check_circleCreate Videos from scratch
  • check_circleCreate Landscape, Portrait & Square Videos
  • check_circleFull blown Timeline Video Editor
  • check_circleCustomize elements & Add Animation effects
  • check_circleMillions of searchable Image, Video & Audio Assets
  • check_circleUpload your own Media Library for Images, Videos and Audio
  • check_circlePreview Videos and add to a shortlist
  • check_circleSchedule Videos to be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter & Pinterest
  • check_circleSchedule single or multiple videos
  • check_circleDownload & Share Videos anywhere in HD, FHD or even in 4K
  • check_circle1 GB internal storage
  • check_circleSMTP Integrations & cloud storage integrations with Drop box, Amazon S3, Google Drive
  • check_circleCreate 365 Videos per Brand (5 X 365)
  • check_circleCommercial Rights
  • Included Agency Rights to create up to 5 client accounts
  • Bonus 1 : Plannero Success Training
  • Bonus 2 : The Creator Economy
  • Bonus 3 : Social Media Marketing Made Easy
  • Bonus 4 : Boost your Online Sales
  • Bonus 5 : Power of Social Media Stories for Marketers
Plannero Commercial

End-to-End Social Media Marketing sorted with Plannero!
This is your sign to make this yours..


This is a must-have app for you to grow your Business
& your client’s Business in 2023 & beyond!


Add this to your Arsenal &
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Every Business out there needs social media managers because they cannot do it on their own.

Plannero makes it super easy for you to get into this space.

Social Media has become the biggest Marketing Channel for Businesses and no one can afford to ignore it..

There is no other app out there that does what Plannero does and is available for a ridiculously low one-time price.

If you take action now, you can become the Number 1 Social Media Marketing Agency just with the help of Plannero.

Grab your access now and set up years worth of content for you and your clients in just a few minutes.


30-Days Fail Proof
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If Plannero doesn’t help you grow your or your client’s Social Media Presence and all the benefits promised above, simply reach out to us & take your money back, no questions asked.

We make products that will help you succeed. But if you are unable to succeed with our product for some reason, we won’t take your money. We want this to be a profitable investment for you!

We’ll give you a full 30-days to test drive Plannero and if you are not overwhelmed with the results, we will give you an immediate refund.

We want to deliver more value than what we have promised on this page!

If you do not see the value or derive the benefit, we would be more than happy to offer you a full refund. Our aim is to help you get better results with our App Plannero.

I am sure you will see it yourself once you login and start using the app!

But you have nothing to worry about even if you are not satisfied for some reason as we’ll offer you a full refund if you contact us within 30 days of your purchase.

Go ahead and secure your founding member’s copy of Plannero!

No Monthly Fees

Agency Rights included for a limited time


Always Striving to Create Apps that
will make your life Easier!

Your Success is my Priority!

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Karthik Ramani

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Plannero in simple terms?

It is an app that lets you plan, create a content calendar and even schedule gorgeous looking videos with premade templates to be directly posted on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

It is a Social Media content planning & Scheduling App with eye-catchy Done-For-You short form Videos.

2. Can I handle Social Media for multiple brands with Plannero?

Yes, you can! With the front end commercial license, you can manage upto 5 brands and even connect their individual social networks for posting fully hassle free.

3. Can I create videos from scratch using the App ?

We have gorgeous templates covering 250+ calendar events across the globe. We also have a huge collection of Trending Videos. But if you want to create videos from scratch, you can do that as well.

4. How many Videos can I create?

You can create up to 365 Videos per brand that covers the needs for an entire year but with the upgrade there will be no restrictions on the number of videos.

5. Why is this better than other Social Media Management Apps?

Other Social Media Management Apps come with a huge monthly recurring fee and don't come with these many DFY Templates. Plus they also do not allow Agency Access with the basic plan. Plannero comes for a one-time only fee along with Agency Rights and loads of Done-For-You Templates.

6. Can I know about all the Upgrades?

Upgrade 1 - Plannero Unlimited - This removes all the limitations on the number of Videos and number of brands that you can create. It also gives you the option of multiple templates for the same event and other key features that will ease your work.

Upgrade 2 - Plannero Agency - This unlocks a full blown Agency Dashboard with the ability to add unlimited clients & Team members and Agency Workflows. It also comes with a full Agency Marketing Kit to help you sell Social Media Marketing Services.

Upgrade 3 - Plannero DFY Package - This upgrade unlocks additional Templates in categories such as Social Media Ads, Trending Video Template Collection & Niche Based Video Templates along with club membership for fresh templates every month for 12 months.

Upgrade 4 - Plannero Whitelabel - This upgrade gives you the opportunity to Whitelabel Plannero and sell it as your own for Profits.

Upgrade 5 - Plannero Video Agency Training - This is a 4 part Training module that will train you to run a Social Media Marketing Video Agency.

7. Is there a monthly fee?

You are in luck. We are running a limited-time only founding member’s launch and during this period, if you get Plannero, you will be able to secure it for the lowest possible one-time only price.

8. Is there a bundle deal?

Once you pick up Plannero from this page, you will be presented with a Fast-pass bundle deal that includes all the upgrades for a low one-time price.

9. Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We do have a 30-days no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for some reason, you can claim a full refund within this period.

10. I have specific questions? How can I get them answered?

Sure. Please write to

11. Do you have Tutorials?

Plannero is completely Newbie friendly. But we have an extensive knowledge base and Tutorials that will help you get started and understand each and every feature inside the app!

No Monthly Fees

Agency Rights included for a limited time


Disclaimer: In no way are we associated with Facebook. Once you leave Facebook the responsibility is no longer on any Facebook owned entity. Your privacy is 100% secure and will NEVER be shared. Facebook is in NO WAY associated with this website or anything here in.

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